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Knights of Cydonia by Muse

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Reviewed on 28th December 2006.


Knights of Cydonia

By Muse

The opening of bars of this magnificent number has Muse written all over it. Its 'Ahh ahh ahh' introduction lays the foundations of another of Matt Bellamy's signature stadium tunes, albeit by a somewhat different route. The tune is out of this world: the soundtrack to another time, another place and dare I say it, another planet with a different political climate of one where we all rise up against authority. The music is arranged... perfectly, to gather momentum for what proves to be one of the best introductions like ever. Guitars run, synths scream and drums bang along with 'Ooh ooh ooh's as the pace deceptively creeps up to the sexy [yes, sexy] group vocals that are almost whispered.

The confrontational 'I'll show you how God/Falls asleep on the job' a possible articulation of the frustration at the sorry state of the world in this godless and wicked day, not intended to offend the religious. Bellamy continues the overtly political theme 'And how can we win/When fools can be kings', thus voicing the opinions of many disillusioned politically-minded people.

What could be loosely labelled as a chorus offers an almost orgasmic relief in its united front and stance against 'them'. Of course Bellamy doesn't just drop it, he carefully crafts musical arrangements to build up to the crescendo that is the chanted 'No-one's gonna take me alive'. One cannot help but think of this as the voice out of the silence.

Thank fuck for Matt Bellamy's song writing and vocals as they really make this song, but together with Dominic Howard's defiant drumming and Chris Wolstenholme's bass, 'Knights of Cydonia' is one unstoppable, flaming beauty.



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