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24 Passes by Redcarsgofaster

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Reviewed on 28th December 2006.


24 Passes

By Redcarsgofaster

Because of the Leeds hype-machine-like tendency of the Dance to the Radio compilations, all of a sudden twenty-odd unknown bands all of a sudden get thrust into the limelight and we get to see what happens. For Shut Your Eyes... and Pigeon Detectives it's worked wonders, just look at the rave reviews and memorable national shows, but the world hasn't changed for Leicester's Redcarsgofaster so far.

Maybe their geographical position ostracises them from a scene heavily based on the fact that the aforementioned bands hail from lovely Leeds but I saw Redcarsgofaster in Lincoln about two years ago and they were "on the brink of greatness" (says Press-release) even back then. They blatantly know what they're doing; Interpol-y breakdowns and Smiths-like echoey guitar lines with a frontman with more than a hint of Brandon Flowers (in his more serious mode) about him, plus they're great live.

Anyway, 24 Passes is the A-side and it's really really poppy, almost like they rang NME and asked for a minute by minute guide to writing a "new" sounding single, hence there isn't much to criticise; Dance-rock by numbers with a trademark quiet-build-up bit at the end. House of Flies is more of the same but with the b-side quality of feeling like they can take less time to get to the dancey bit.

Basically Redcarsgofaster are really good, but as more time goes by where they're not getting the limelight they once deserved, newer bands are re-hashing this echoey-dance stuff so much that I think its getting pretty stale and they're might not be anyone left interested in this band by the time they break.



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