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I'm The Greatest by David Potts

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Reviewed on 3rd January 2007.


I'm The Greatest

By David Potts

Hi fans. Last year (or in 2005, depending on when you read this) Supergrass made a bold and brilliant album called 'Road To Rouen'. Most people said it was shit, either because they a) have no taste in music or b) are too narrow-minded. You see, that particular album was a huge departure from their signature sound that sounded so used and so tired on fourth LP 'Life On Other Planets'. A departure that was never going to sell many records, but was much needed in the short run.

Imagine however, that they hadn't folked off and had instead recorded another pop-rock odyssey. One that neglected to churn out shite like 'Grace' but was actually quite good, revisiting Coxon-esque punk roots heard on 'I Should Coco'. No need to rack your brains back to the heady days of Britpop though, because 'I'm The Greatest' will make that imagination come true. Get in.

Now, I'd imagine convincing someone that the ex-singer of Monaco is a worthwhile listen is a rather hard task, quite like trying to explain to your mum that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is utter crap. I'm going to give it a good go though because 'I'm The Greatest' certainly deserves your time, especially in a world where commercial indie (a contradiction if there ever was one) is mediocre at the best of times, with drab dross such as Snow Patrol and The Feeling draining the Rhys originality theory of any money-making merit:

"I love it when you call, but you never call at all"

Makes you ill doesn't it? Someone kill these sick bastards now, please.

Now I cease to rant and resume to review. In 'I'm The Greatest', Mr Potts has in his pocket a cracking tune. It sounds like a 1995 Supergrass being torn apart by a Go! Team and Flaming Lips thrashing. With the key lyric (I'm the greatest/ full of ideas/ living legend/ showing no fear) it's not clear whether 'Pottsy' is being over-confident or just taking the piss. Ruddles! I think to myself, once again worrying over the creamy bona-fide goodness of my reviewing abilities.

Thus, a plan is hitched; The 2007 David Potts Dartboard.

Even numbers, and he's taking the piss. Odd, and over-confidence wins the day. One dart allowed... double eight. He's taking the piss. Twice.

Now, if, for some strange and frankly baffling reason, you don't remember the chart murdering Monaco, then let me remind you about Mr Potts' voice; Bernard Sumner with a Liam Gallagher sneer. Manchestah. Musically, they have influenced no-one I can think of off the top of my head, apart from maybe Toploader. But this tune is very good, and makes commercially styled pop exciting. Which is unfortunately why it wont sell, and why Chris Martin wont be shitting himself. Unless he is actually ill, then maybe he is. But let me reiterate- it wont be because of Pottsy.


Take The Electric Soft Parade- a startlingly amazing forward thinking indie combo. David Potts is in the same mould. None will ever sell many records, but will remain credible till the day they die.

I've had great fun doing this review. I've played darts, mentioned The Electric Soft Parade, broken the 'rule book' and made some grammatical errors. Probably.

LMS. Better than sex.



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