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Calling All Cars by Senses Fail

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Reviewed on 10th January 2007.


Calling All Cars

By Senses Fail

Firstly, I do not hate Senses Fail. I am a big fan of their early work, their first EP and its lead track 'Steven' are fantastic slices of hook-laden pop-core, heavy enough to raise an eyebrow among metal heads, and with lyrics to suit even the most sensitive of souls. Latest single 'Calling All Cars' however, is utter garbage. It just goes to show that a successful first release (the aforementioned EP), a major label bidding war and tours with some of the world's biggest bands can do horrible things to a bands sound. Gone is the integrity and rawness of earlier material, gone are the honest lyrics and genuinely interesting (yet still accessible) chord progressions, to be replaced with made for MTV choruses, slick videos and pristine, pro-tooled production that even Hawethorn Heights would be ashamed of. The "sell out" debate is getting old these days, but this is ridiculous. At least when Green Day sold their souls they didn't compromise their sound (at least the first time anyway), yet Senses Fail have taken everything that's vital about rock today, coated it in sugar and told it everything will be ok. Truly disappointing.



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