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Vandals by The Ripps

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Reviewed on 10th January 2007.



By The Ripps

I'm not sure what is a more common occurrence these days: Lads hitting the town and getting tanked or indie kids staying home writing songs about the lads on the town getting tanked. Luckily for The Ripps, it is strictly prohibited by the reviewer handbook to heavily criticise any song containing the sing-a-long refrain; "You have only got the one phone call". The pinpoint sharpness of their lyrics just about rescues their debut a-side ('Vandals') from its occasional lapses in to Status Quo-style riffage and its half-hearted and hackneyed backing vocals. Whoa-oh-oh indeed.

What we're left with is two parts The Rakes and one part Mike Skinner. Looking back now, Skinner's "Original Pirate Material" seems to have been a wake-up call for the indie scene, an intrusion in to their cosy world that forced an acknowledgement of some glaring inadequacies when compared with even an upstart MC (including but not limited to scope of ideas and vibrancy of language). It could be argued that the point was missed, with the themes appropriated but the crux misunderstood as for the most part the kids with fringes still lag behind. However, The Ripps do score more hits than misses when the perps take the rap for their after-hours destruction of a telephone box: "Your honour I'm sorry / I've been a bad boy / The boys crack up / It's a funny situation / We have been caught on the CCTV / We're gonna be done for some minor offences."

In contrast the flipside is pretty lame and incredibly earnest so not really worth more than this sentence of your time.



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