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Sunny Estate EP by Underdog

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Reviewed on 12th January 2007.


Sunny Estate EP

By Underdog

Upon the first listen to this EP I would have sworn I was listening to a group of twee American rockers, however these lads are from Essex!

The first track entitled 'Tell Me' is quite a middle of the road, rocky Dawson's Creek soundtrack sounding tune, however it does have a simple storyline running through it and the lyrical capability is promising from lead singer, Jordan Jones.

It is an appealing slice of jangly power-pop/rock filled with ringing hooks and sweet melodies. However I must admit if I closed for my eyes for just a second I could have sworn I was listening to The Gin Blossoms!

Second and third tracks, 'Watching & Waiting' and 'Is This Love' are a little more up tempo and sound a bit more promising, however 'Watching & Waiting' is sadly like listening to Alan Shearer talk as there is hardly and change in the tone and pitch and I was glad when it was over if I'm being honest, however 'Is This Love' has much more about it with some quirky little mod beats thrown in just to keep the listener's attention. It started off as a very promising track but soon slid down to being average and doesn't actually sound like it's a finished article, yet there are some great little breaks in there which makes it listenable. I can only describe it as Soundgarden meets Crowded House.

The fourth track 'Time After Time' is a basic acoustic song with a beautiful raw vocal, not unlike Rob Thomas and is sheer acoustic brilliance, but I was expecting more than a Matchbox 20 sound a like band, after all these guys are described as being indie rockers who do seem to have a sturdy grasp of traditional pop/rock songwriting that results in a number of potential gems - I must have blinked and missed something!

The last track 'Second - The Anomalies Remix' shifts the whole balance of what I've heard before to a kind of hip hop fused tuned with a Fred Durst lyric, rap type affair which is mixed into it. I would have to say that it was, for me, the best track on the EP and although their sound is not entirely original, is refreshing and uplifting, and manages to avoid getting bogged down in guitar riffs.



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