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Maximiser Coordinator by Public Relations Exercise

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Reviewed on 19th January 2007.


Maximiser Coordinator

By Public Relations Exercise

The three track "Maximiser Coordinator" CD from the Leicester-based five-piece alt / experimental / hardcore outfit Public Relations Exercise is either a poorly timed EP release or a taster from their forthcoming album, "Come you are safe we are from the bombs", released through the indie label Field Records and apparently due late February.

I am guessing that the latter is true. The tracks sound very similar to the other three taster tracks on the band's MySpace - despite that horrible fuzz of the MySpace digital compression.

Anyway, I'm new to the Public Relations Exercise experience and although this isn't the kind of music I'd normally go for, I'll concede, this fucking rocks.

Maximiser Coordinator, the title track of this taster, is the weakest of the three tracks. Although sufficiently aggressive, the almost screamo kind of gang vocal style of the singer doesn't fit well. It isn't my thing, so that may account for some if it. The track brightens considerably when he actually starts to sing and we get a convincing Mike Patton but with a more trebly sounding voice. It times out at 1m22 after returning to the gang vox, making it short but not particularly sweet.

Sub 10 is a much more engaging track. The influences of At The Drive In and The Mars Volta are obvious, with a good helping of System Of A Down in the vocals, and, weirdly enough, Bloc Party on the drums but surprisingly it works... The guitars are great - spiky, angular and tight as a piccolo snare - and make the track.

Calalyst returns to the more screamo style but it fits better this time. There is more of a hardcore element and a refreshing absence of any traditional kind of song structure. The track seems to blindly charge through experimental hardcore, disco-type metal work and devastating funk influenced breaks. Another good track.

This is a well put together, totally fragmented and aggressive taster of a band sure to go down well live. It falls short of being completely convincing, but for those with an interest in the ever widening 'experimental' type aggressive alt-rock, it looks like the album is definitely going to be worth a butchers... if you can put up with the vocals.



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