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Join Me... by Tom Weldon

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Reviewed on 21st January 2007.


Join Me...

By Tom Weldon

It's always a risky option to quit a band to pursuit a solo career, due to it being a dangerous choice musically or maybe because of the sacrifices that have to be made throughout the transition, yet Harrogate's Tom Weldon, of trio Fantastic Alliance, has done just this and done it well. His EP titled 'Join Me' definitely exuberates his full potential as a musician. The three track's opener: 'Say What You Want' draws us in with its wonderful chord changes and Tom evoking his emotional lyrics throughout the verse. This creates a brilliant contrast to the more optimistic, inspiring chorus. The second track; 'Russian Roulette' is proof that simplicity is definitely effective; the song is based solely around two chords, yet Tom makes it work, his artistically crafted lyrics juxtaposed with the song's dynamic structure builds a great foundation for his voice to ring out, encapsulating a great energy and vibe that is transmitted directly to the listener in a way that is rarely heard.

'Here's Your Credit Where Credit's Due' sees Tom step away from the ensemble situation for pretty much just piano and vocals, sculpting a more intimate song, with an almost eerie quality, but that still manages to include a true sing-along chorus reminiscent of Incubus' 'Drive'.



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