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Immuno by Eddyfink

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Reviewed on 21st January 2007.



By Eddyfink

Eddyfink's current single does what many of their more well-known contemporaries fail to, by grabbing us right by the balls with Andy Pisanu's voice of conviction. 'We will believe anything that you say' a possible articulation of the frustration at our all too easy manipulation by today's politicians, where most bands would opt for the safe option of an intro, this quartet waste no time.

Another commendable element of the song is its fast tempo and how refreshing and well-balanced it is: not so leisurely that one finds themselves distracted and not hasty so that the essential message of Andy's song writing is lost. The speed and thrashing guitars on ''cos it's so fucking sad' a prime example of an otherwise out of place expletive slotting nicely into proceedings.

'Look around you dear child!' is a simple but effective illustration of the naivety of the nation, the shared belief that politicians are there to look after us and that they have our best interests at heart and not what will enhance their public profile the most.

The haunting repetition of 'My loneliness... is crippling me' telling of a sadistic human being at breaking point. One must only recall the few too many political scandals concerning those we are supposed to rely on to take careful decisions on our behalf.

The lyrics are definitely the crucial aspect of the song in the case of 'Immuno', but with the admirable musicianship of band mates Mike Riley, Jonathan Moore and Martin Moore... this track's a killer. Watch out.



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