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On The Bone Records: Compilation One by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 24th January 2007.


On The Bone Records: Compilation One

By Various Artists

Eventually, a compilation release is the logical step in any promoter's relationship with their artists and audience. It's all fine and dandy showcasing the latest hot and throbbing talents to capture your imagination, but a gig's lifespan is ultimately finite and confined to those viewing. On The Bone have spent the better part of a year sourcing the fruits of Leeds' (and surrounding areas) musical loins, and bringing them together under (b)one banner. The Bone twins, Messrs Goodhand and Brown, have therefore decided that now is as good a time as any to source the cream of their artists and showcase their talents on a release.

But anyway; less talk, more rock. Downdime open proceeding with plenty of knee-jerking chutzpah as "Easy go easy gone" bounds along with a Buzzcocks-esque indie-pop swagger, with plenty of serrated guitars and sweeping drum rolls. Samsa follow on in a similar vein, albeit in a more low-fi, introspective all-worldly-beardily manner. Mother Vulpine really up the ante, however with the courageous breakneck  riff-o-rama  that is "We'll be detectives for the day", a song that seems to marry the melodic nous of shoegazing-era bands such as My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive with a driving, immediate energy. "Consumer Advice" is Smokers Die Younger's contribution to proceedings, and rolls along in a mellow enough fashion, although the wheezing vocals arouse suspicion that the singer of the aforementioned outfit isn't heeding his own moniker's warning.

Onwards we go. Benjamin Wetherill is a departure from the previous artists, capturing a bohemian folk feel with "He rolled her to the wall". It Takes Bridges fly the lo-fi grunge flag - and do so very well - recalling Bleach-era Nirvana in the process. A psychedelic reverb-laden meander is on hand courtesy of (now sadly defunct) The Somatics, while Fran Rodgers' haunting folk ballad "The Protester" is a more maudlin affair. The Acutes come across as a rowdy pub rock band fronted by Michael Stipe, and are followed by the equally rambunctious The Scaramanga Six, whose "I wear my heart on my sleeve" combines stop-start dynamics with a rousing chorus with plenty of potential shoutability.

The initial fear that That Fucking Tank's offering may just be a load of fucking about is eventually allayed after a minute and a half of banal noodling, when drums and guitar decide to start up, and play off each other in classic Tank fashion. You still get the impression that this is a band who are more "about" playing live though. This Et Al's "Free Adam Innocent" lives up to their usual sterling standards, with a  shimmering epic undercurrent running throughout the usual bombast of layered guitars and pounding drums.

Final third now. The shimmering seediness of Mickey Charbagz' contribution is underpinned by a droning, catchy riff that calls to mind Ben Kweller, while The Lodger's "Lets make a Pact"  is another shining example of their catchy pop ditties that they do so well. Champion Kickboxer provide some low-key, easy-going indie rumination. My personal highlight, Worriedaboutsatan deliver a pulsating bombardment of electronic bloops and loops with delayed guitars, that fits somewhere in between Explosions In the Sky and The Cocteau Twins. Wild Beasts are somewhat of a different proposition, seemingly a weird hybrid of Morrissey's vocal theatrics and a Lounge Band. Quack Quack are a delightful blend of swirling electronica that spirals and ebbs into different patterns, while Monster Killed By Laser draw proceedings to a close with the gallantly off-kilter fuzzed-up mini-epic "Zombi".

With 19 tracks spanning a range of styles and genres, On The Bone have delivered a varied and eclectic line up, but more importantly one that is cohesive and a pleasure to listen to. Also worth noting is that out of the 19 tracks, only 6 have previously been released - perhaps special praise can be reserved for the featured bands for ensuring that tracks that (as yet) have not been intended for public consumption are of a consistently high standard. A more than worthy release, and a label I'm sure we'll be seeing much more of in 2007.



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On 25th January 2007 at 11:22 Anonymous 2871 wrote...

i love nick kearns.



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It Takes Bridges

It's a riot based around riffs, drama, sweat and volume. Think The Fall fighting Nirvana for the last of the drugs.

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