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Love You by Little Barrie

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Reviewed on 1st February 2007.


Love You

By Little Barrie

Little Barrie are funky... wait wait before you leave in a huff, yes it's a horrible genre funk, virtually a swear word in some circles but sometimes, and not often enough it is done so well you need to take your hat off to it. This is one of those times. No ridiculous wacca-wacca guitar, slap base, crusty hair or band name that sounds like a type of coffee, oh no this is the real deal. Hendrix is a big comparison to pull out but the guitar manipulation going on here is sweet. "Love You" skiffles along with a hot stepping snare and thumping little guitar line. It won't necessarily tear up any charts or radio air time but not to worry. In fact even less cause to worry is presented by having two as equally impressive B-sides. "If I Don't Have To Answer" is a seventies funk pastiche with clap / sing along chorus while "I Wonder Whether" is just neatly delivered pop with another healthy dose of guitar cleverness, not the cleverness-type that is just for the sake of it, oh no, the type that is just enough to leave you impressed. Funk you can show to your friends? Surely not.



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