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May Contain Traces Of Boy by Geekgirl

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Reviewed on 3rd February 2007.


May Contain Traces Of Boy

By Geekgirl

From Manchester comes the three piece band Geekgirl. A punk-rock-pop cross breed with numerous riffs and madcap grooves. Their release "May Contain Traces Of Boy" is a warning to people with an allergy to mischievous guitars and pungent vocals. Their songs have you foot tapping at the urinal. They push then pull, walk then run, doing everything to stop you from getting too cosy in your armchair. So much so, track 9 (after 3 minutes of silence) breaks into a rousing "bonus track" guitar chant. I was lured into a sense of agreement to their lyrics which, with the country acoustics tones speak of love, jealously and frustration. The country flavour is evident and comparable to Lynyrd Skynyrd or even Kings of Leon. The female vocal is powerful and remains heartfelt despite the punk-rock image.

Refreshingly, Geekgirl embellish their set with a helpful dose of uppers and downers. The punk-rock influences are apparent in the guitar grooves that drive the band. By now that toe tapping has turned into a full scale nod, soon to be followed no doubt by whole body convulsions. Track 3 has you bouncing off the walls while track 8 peels you off the ceiling in a minor moment of solemn reflection. The distorted delta style acoustic gives some great overtones locking with the rhythm section producing some "offbeat" ideas. Ted Moore on Drums, Fi Milone on vocal/guitar, and Joel Roberts on bass offer that dynamism that any Punk-Rock band worth their salt should. With energy and most importantly, smiley enjoyment, "May Contain Traces Of Boy " is a pocket full of 3 minute remedies. Nut allergy sufferers should always read the label of course. However, Geekgirl refuse to be labelled and are worth checking out on their website.



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On 25th February 2007 at 12:37 Anonymous 6318 wrote...

indeed worth checking out.
GeEkgiRL will be playing The Trades, hebden bridge on sat 21st April.


On 2nd June 2007 at 11:35 Anonymous 6318 wrote...

GeEkgiRL play The Trades on Friday 3rd August 2007....(x2) 45 minute sets.


On 1st July 2007 at 21:57 Anonymous 6318 wrote...

GeEkgiRL play the trades hebden bridge on 3rd August 2007.


On 24th January 2008 at 18:12 Anonymous 6318 wrote...

GeEkgiRL play 'Where Angels Play' clubnight@Trash, Leeds, on saturday 23rd Feb 2008.



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