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Reviewed on 3rd February 2007.



By Insipid

'The Needle and the Damage done', 'Heroin', 'Beetlebum', anything off John Frusciante's first two solo albums...

Why do I mention these? Because they are all famous songs about drugs, and all good adverts to kids encouraging a happy healthy drug free life, in one way or another.

The relevance of the above to this review centres on track 3,'Mid Nineties Drug Culture', possibly the worst song ever to be committed to CD. I don't wish to dwell because it literally makes me ill, but a) you're 30 years too late on the LSD culture and b) is this a piss take? I apologise if not, but Jesus... merely applying an acoustic guitar and harmonica doesn't automatically make something sound trippy (although it does enable a mention of Dylan as an influence, which I suppose enhances credibility to a degree).

"We think that we've got wings / Smokin' crack and passing out, that's what life's about..." Kids, don't do it - you might end up making music like this.

Tracks 1 and 2 are only marginally better and go some way to advising kids against alcohol too. Lairy moments are all very good and well if done properly, but on 'Intoxication', singer Dan Fielden sounds like a poor man's Shaun Ryder. And, if this is the case, then it's best not to leave the vocals as high in the mix as Insipid do here. Aside from the vocals, the music is largely unimpressive in its predictability, although this is probably for the best.

'Don't Stop' is a standard Kaisers, Coxon and Supergrass orgy. The best thing I can say is 'not bad', and praise them for not beating the Rolling Stones' record of the worst song ever recorded entitled 'Don't Stop.' However, in the time it takes for the song to get going, the Cold War would have begun and ended. Once again, the vocals are too high and lines such as "I'm stood at the bar looking an absolute twat" are all too audible.

If this EP depicts a weekend out at 25, then I'm going teetotal - this CD really is that bad. The irony is that with the aid of a few beers, I expect they'd be quite a fun, albeit shambolic prospect live. However, until Insipid can be bothered to give enough time to writing and recording their songs properly (or in the interest of fairness, until they have enough time), then I can't really see them making much of an impact on the music world, or more realistically, even locally.

Although Street Crime UK may cite them as an influence.



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On 3rd February 2007 at 23:15 Anonymous 13 wrote...

no info? label? website? myspace? This sounds so bad it could be fun.

Searching for "Insipid" yields quite a lot of band reviews - none of them called Insipid. Even the name marks them out as a couple of washers short of a high hat.


On 4th February 2007 at 08:45 Dave LMS wrote...

Hi Sam - all I found was an un-dated Sandman Magazine review. I think you have to search Google for Insipid and one of their song titles. But I couldn't find anything else.



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