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Come Follow Me by The Answer

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Reviewed on 6th February 2007.


Come Follow Me

By The Answer

You're 25. You live with your mum. You work as a cleaner at the nearest supermarket. You sweat profusely. You have a huge collection of porn. Your hair is an unwashed mess that measures in at over a metre in length (width varying).

If you ticked every box then it's a safe bet you like The Answer- a band whose debut album received FIVE GODDAMN Ks from Kerrang.

Special K, indeed.

However, The Answer, as established are not for women in red suits. There are no creamy berries here, just utter rawktastic riffs. It should be utterly awful, considering it has all the originality of a Frenchman wearing a beret with garlic around his neck.

[adopts best Jeremy Clarkson impersonation] But it's actually quite good.

Cormac Neeson is the singer, and he is here to squeeze your balls. Imagine an Irish Roger Daltrey with extra tight pants and you'll get a pretty good idea of what he sounds like.

Musically, it's a credible Darkness jamming with rock-era Led Zeppelin - a predictable comparison for a predictable tune. There's the classic middle break to accommodate for even more ego-fuelling riffage and epic high backing vocals. It follows such a winning structure that Neeson may as well scream "made for stadiums" for the whole 251 seconds duration. In truth, Muse could pick any number of worse bands to support their upcoming Wembley shows (and they probably will).

There are plenty of bands trying to emulate the likes of The Answer - you can see them at your nearest sweat pit playing for peanuts every designated 'rock night'. Ask your supermarket cleaner and they'll get you a flyer, as well as burning you a copy of their band's new demo 'Party in the Devil's Lair.'

Thing is, unlike the majority of these bands, The Answer are fun. I'd buy the album but unfortunately, I'm not a cleaner.

I'm a muthafuckin' trolley pusher.



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On 7th February 2007 at 16:28 Anonymous 30 wrote...

"You have a huge collection of porn." - Do people still have huge collections of porn? I would have thought with the digital age being as it is there would be no requirement for stashes under beds or in the wardrobe. Or do you mean "You have a huge collection of digital porn." If so get with the times!


On 7th February 2007 at 21:34 Anonymous 5643 wrote...

My mistake, sorry

It's based around some sweaty metaller who I work with who says he knows how to pleasure girls from "all around the world." You know the kind- long greasy hair, still watches wrestling, haven't had sex for years...

Not mentioning any names, mind!



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