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Muzzle No 1 by The Whip

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Reviewed on 10th February 2007.


Muzzle No 1

By The Whip

From what I can deduce, these boys like to see people moving. And with output like this it's difficult to imagine too many people wanting to stay still. At the time of first listening I was feeling rotten and fixing myself some manner of cold remedy but, by the time the Black Ghosts remix came around (check the cowbells, rave fans!) I was cutting some angular moves from kettle to hot toddy and back again. And whilst this might have been embarrassing for me, if I hadn't taken the precaution of shutting the curtains beforehand, it says something for the irresistible rhythm that The Whip tend to conjure up. So there you have it in a nutshell readers; this platter - strategically played - could drag an habitual, and even long-dead, wallflower onto the dancefloor. No problem.

Opening with keyboard blips trading against choppy percussion, a hypnotic bass sequence soon plays off against high-impact guitar stabs. To say that the thing builds steadily would be to deny that it isn't all there from the beginning; it just becomes more so. Those who know The Whip will know not to expect any surprise key or tempo changes, but it does get a tad more frantic as time moves on (which a good 5 minutes in the case of the original edit.) Pop this on at your indie night and even the habitually restrained will have probably earned themselves a beer break by the time the all-too-abrupt conclusion rolls around. The four tracks on this CD are all mixes of the same song, but such is the extent to which this type of hyper-taught demonic disco readily lends itself to remix (think of the varying results all and sundry managed to derive from the not dissimilar 'Standing in the Way of Control') that I didn't even notice this fact until I spun the disc for a second time. And why didn't it get 5 stars you may ask? Quite simply because it's not 'Trash', their superlative former offering, but perhaps I'm just being picky...



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