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With Blood on My Hands by Sounds Like Violence

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Reviewed on 10th February 2007.


With Blood on My Hands

By Sounds Like Violence

A light that burns twice as brightly burns twice as fast, and on the basis of Sound Like Violence's debut long-player the incendiary chutzpah of the Swedish quartet's first EP has been replaced by a rather limp and Killers-lite approach, that possesses all the spark of a twatted cooker.

That early promise, exemplified by the magnificent "You Give Me Heart-Attacks" is almost completely absent on the twelve tracks that comprise "With Blood on My Hands". Whereas the aforementioned recording was all spunk and vigour via angst-in-your-pants urgency, we are now faced with that most inoffensive of propositions; mid-afternoon middle-American drive-time commuter rock. Or The Killers. Sorry, did I just mention them? Apologies for labouring a point.

It's not terrible of course. Tracks such as "Wrong" and "Glad I'm Losing You" display a fiery verve, with some catchy chord movements and melodies that get the old foot tapping. Final track "The Greatest" shows the most ambition, intricate reverberated guitar swathes building to a ballsy, shout-a-long climax. It's a statement of intent that is bold and endearing, and is what, you feel, the rest of the album should have been. One can't help but wonder if Sounds Like Violence made an album like this because of the appeal of the warm, heaving (but ultimately fleeting) bosom of fame and fortune.



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