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Trench by X is Loaded

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Reviewed on 12th February 2007.



By X is Loaded

It has to be said that on first listen, I struggled to find anything worthwhile on this album. As the follow up to 2004's 'Raw Nerve' debut album my expectations were high, especially after seeing their strong set live.

This album kicks off with the song 'Heroin'. It carries a poppy verse and the strong guitar-ridden hook line for the chorus is likely to please the Slash fans out there. This pretty much sets the whole tone of the album, which makes it lack any outstanding gems. I can't even claim it's a consistent album when all the songs are so similar.

The band seem to have focused on guitar solos more then actual hook lines which they'll have to improve upon if they want to leave a name for themselves in the rock world.

I suppose the worst part of this album isn't any song in particular, but the knowledge that they can do much better, especially after extensive tours with the likes of Biffy Clyro, InMe, Million Dead and Yourcodenameis:Milo.

This of course doesn't mean the album's terrible. 'Heroin' can be quite addictive and closing song 'Mass Exit' screeches and screams passion, which will no doubt leave their fans smiling. 'Skeletons' holds a nice indie feel that would work better as a forthcoming single than the actual planned release 'Momentum Fails', which continues their dreary 'same as the other songs' tone.

So the album isn't anywhere near as strong as it should have been, and with this batch of songs they aren't in any danger of becoming the next Nirvana, but it is definitely a must have purchase for the avid fan, and will most definitely see them progressing onto a third album.

I suppose the saving grace of this album is when they get it right, they sound great. The real problem is perfecting this across the whole album, which I'm sure they'll fufill in the future. With all the faults on this album there are a few memorable moments and the notion that they will move onto better things.



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