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The Return Of The Magnificent by DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Reviewed on 14th February 2007.


The Return Of The Magnificent

By DJ Jazzy Jeff

Following the successful release of 'The Magnificent' in 2001, DJ Jazzy Jeff returns with the appropriately titled 'The Return Of The Magnificent'. Hang on though. This EP is a vinyl-only taster to the scheduled March album release.

If I wasn't already confused as to why an artist would release various tracks from a forthcoming album, then I'm baffled as to why the label would place 2 almost replica cuts (which don't feature on the vinyl release) of opening song 'Jeff N Fess' on the promo. Although I guess this is pretty irrelevant to all you potential buyers out there, am I supposed to be pleased? Honoured to be in receipt of such exclusivity? If anything I was downright bored before I'd barely made it past track 1.

Despite a few nice touches here and there, DJ Jazzy Jeff's deep, smooth & soulful r&b/hip-hop cuts lack cutting edge. And in a genre that relies heavily on tasty drum patterns, this is a blatantly tedious effort, at times it just seems like a case of lazy programming.

In a twelve month period in which has seen some excellent hip-hop records I wouldn't expect too much from this forthcoming March release, 'Magnificent' being the last word I would apply here. This is definitely a case of 'too much filler, not enough killer' and this is just the taster.



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