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The Last by The Ya Ya's

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Reviewed on 22nd February 2007.


The Last

By The Ya Ya's

The Ya Ya's certainly have potential for a mass appeal with a very straight and highly listenable foot tapping sound. In the current climate of the NME horribly coined "lad rock" which lets face it is just an Oasis-influenced resurgence led by the likes of The Fratellis, The Ya Ya's will ironically fit right in doing what they have no doubt always been doing. Opener "The Last" is a monster sing-a-long pop song with a chorus due for regular rotation on most radio play lists. Sounding like brit-pop casualties The Supernaturals with a hoarse Evan Dando on vocals and a Noel Gallagher fan on guitar it bounces along with all the verve of a Supergrass single. At their best with "The Last" unfortunately The Ya Ya's reveal less discerning influences for the remaining two tracks. "Wanderer" is solid but dated and blurs in to so many forebears, while "Time" is horribly reminiscent of Andy Bell's best forgotten post Ride project Hurricane #1. In many ways it is the likes of The Ya Ya's with their lack of pretension and big hooks that face a tougher task of being noticed than your art-school hip kids with "weird" hair and hats, but the enjoyment seeping out of the speakers clearly shows they don't really care.



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