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Reviewed on 24th February 2007.



By ODi

Never judge a book by its cover? Can the same be said of judging a band by their biog? Sadly in ODi's case the answer is no. Before the first chords ring out of Crawl key words in the biog leap off the page to form a preconceived idea of what's coming. Here we go: "Irish female singer songwriter" (getting it yet?) ok what about "David Gray", "beautiful" and "emotional"... it's not going to be Techno is it? Well in fairness although Crawl is a particularly well worn formula it does show off ODi's talents for a lilting Irish voice and moody "I'm in a mood" music. Thankfully more The Frames than David Gray it is well conceived and delivered. B-sides "Mariposa" and "Don't Let Me Fall" are predictably one girl and her acoustic stuff and when the harmonica (oh yes) breathes in on the latter then the picture is complete. Neither track is bad but the Ikea coffee table is already creaking under the weight of stuff like this except in Ireland where they can't get enough of it and have bought the matching CD-rack.



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On 24th February 2007 at 14:33 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

Ooooh, I disagree with this, Rick. I think this is a brilliant CD, really really nice.


On 26th February 2007 at 08:47 Anonymous 30 wrote...

We don't disagree at all then, you said it yourself it's "really really NICE". Nice just isn't enough for me I'm afraid.



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