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Entropy by Eaten By Tigers

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Reviewed on 26th February 2007.



By Eaten By Tigers

One of the best things about being an instrumental post-rock band has to be choosing what to call your songs. Funnily enough they never come up with titles like "Gran, you're the best", "I had a great time on holiday" or something classic like "I love girls" oh no... "Entropy" and "Nausea"... that's more like it, although "Memoirs of a Minotaur" does show a little more humour. Eaten By Tigers suffer like many instrumental artists in having swathes of talent but a lack of definition usually defined by the distinct tones of a vocalist. Not that they need one mind you, this is an enjoyable mix of atmosphere and volcanic guitars. "Entropy" and "Nausea" tend to roll into one to the casual ear but the brooding intro of "Memoirs..." with its added strings is excellent. Being brave enough to not always fall back on the contrast between quiet and loud and some more experimentation will set Eaten By Tigers apart but for now there is too often a sense of what's coming. Still for stab-one this is a post-rock must for further investigation.



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