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Tiger by The Hussy's

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Reviewed on 8th March 2007.



By The Hussy's

Get over the initial annoyance of that rogue apostrophe, and The Hussy's become quite an engaging proposition. They seem like a jaunty bunch and even when they're annoyed they seem to be so, well, 'nice' about it all. I've never seen them live, but I imagine that it's all smiles and jolly good fun. The only problem is that - in supposed tales of dislocation and misplaced faith - this jauntiness can become quite wearisome after a while.

There is actually something quite charming, or disarming, about the naivety of these lyrics. The 'tiger' of the lead track is a metaphor for amorous entanglement, and it's positively quaint to be informed by vocalist Fili that it can sometimes 'bite your backside' - rather than "whup yo' ass" or some such. And if the thought of such a ferocious quadruped having little more to do with its time than nibble at your posterior, then the ensuing suggestion that a "spider in between the sheets" might take time out to do the same is equally entertaining. Musically the whole sets up as a plinky-plonky cross between 'Love Cats' and 'Dreaming of You' - without the benefit of artificial stimulants. It's a bit throw-away, but charming nonetheless.

Next up is 'Napoleon', perhaps a more memorable track - and (if memory serves) a previous single. It fuses some odd, yet catchy, sub-No Doubt ska with seemingly incongruous swirling organ sounds. And the bling-related Napoleon Dynamite references raise a smile all the while. 'We Expected', on the other hand, stretches lyrical forgiveness to its limits. In the wrong frame of mind you'd want to do little else with the writer of "You got accepted for Cambridge Uni / Fell in love with the long-haired loony" than stove their head in with a blunt instrument. On a good day, however, you may wish to smile benignly and raise your Bacardi Breezer triumphantly - and rhythmically - from the touchlines. Final track 'Marty' is more of the same, accompanied by happy harmonies and pleasant chiming guitar work. It's all solid jaunty fare, of course, but don't expect them go all Klaxons or ˇForward, Russia! with their lyrics any time soon.



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