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Dorothy Millette by Screaming Mimi

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Reviewed on 10th March 2007.


Dorothy Millette

By Screaming Mimi

A word of warning: do not listen to this record. Do not listen to this record, that is, if you are of a nervous disposition. It has the potential to mess with your mind, and may lead to paranoia, confusion or unnatural thoughts. If, however, you are of sound mind and able to separate music from reality, then you really should give it a spin - and to hell with the consequences.

Dorothy Millette was, apparently, the supposed murderer of Jean Harlow's husband. The scent of violent death permeates the full two minutes of this track named in her honour. Imagine, if you will, that you overdid the gorgonzola last thing at night and retired into a chaotic slumber of dark imagery. You are initially affronted with several seconds of portentous drone before, chaotically, the organ takes hold. You find yourself confronted by a would-be assassin down an darkened alleyway, with only one direction to run. You may have been lyrically allured by a promise 'hot and sweet as brandy', but run you must - away, and as quickly as possible. After two strenuous and debilitating minutes you hit a brick wall. The inevitable happens, and the end is mercifully swift.

Bumblebee is an odd name for the track on the flip side. Brooding, dark and mysterious, it cannot be readily associated with the striped buzzing creatures that do such stout work in the honey department. There is more of a sense here of the seedy and portentous final number at a cabaret in occupied wartime Paris. Or, if you'd rather, imagine that you're back in another cheese-induced dream, this time after spending too much time staring at the cover of the Doors' 'Strange Days'. A gruesome circus troupe does its best to distract you while a demented dwarf plays nightmarish barrel organ. It's all here and it's all good, but it's more than a wee bit unnerving.



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