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Heart Of Hearts by !!!

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Reviewed on 12th March 2007.


Heart Of Hearts

By !!!

The first wave of dance punk hit these shores in 2003. Flown in from New York in the wake of The Strokes, Interpol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, it was depicted in typical NME fashion as the latest in a long line of movements to descend from the heavens and alter the course of music history. With dance and indie once again reuniting - putting an end to their post-baggy fallout - apparently the only possible outcome would be one nation united under a groove. Although the scene did produce some unstoppable dancefloor phenomenons ('House Of Jealous Lovers', 'Losing My Edge', !!!'s own 'Me and Giuliani'), no artist was able to seize the moment and produce the era-defining album (a Nevermind, a Definitely Maybe). Thus the fleeting spotlight of hype shifted away and we were left nursing a comedown painfully soundtracked by Keane, Athlete and James Morrison.

Well my friends you can stop your crying and wallowing (put the glass of port down Cuthbert) and lace up your dancing shoes. !!! (and remember kids that means any three repetitive sounds so I'm going with kaykaykay) are back with this single, and what's more it's soon to be followed by a new album and a full UK tour. Their incredible live show remains the definitive !!! experience but at least their recorded output is becoming more consistent. On their last record 'Louden Up Now', Nic Offer's confrontational vocal style tended to conflict with and undermine the hypnotic grooves constructed by the rest of the band. In a smart move comparable to some of the compositions on 'Screamadelica', !!! bring in a female vocalist on the chorus (I'd like to see how that idea got floated - "Guys you know what we really need here is another member") and Offer adopts a hushed tone, verging on a whisper at times. His new found lack of conceit also plays well.

Though this track may disappoint those looking for another standout hit in the vein of 'Giuliani' or 'Intensify', it seems instead that !!! are now concentrating on the big picture. It figures that it must be time to get serious when the fail-safe options are fading fast: Sister band Out Hud have broken up, Tyler no longer moonlights in LCD Soundsystem. Lucky then the (relatively) few, the talented, with grace enough under pressure to forge this slow-build grower that envelops and shakes in equal measure.



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On 13th March 2007 at 11:07 Anonymous 6381 wrote...

Good review... though as much as I like the idea of a non-specified name, I'm not sure about your 'kaykaykay' interpretation (it kinda conjures up images of burning crosses rather than their brand of dance-majesty)!


On 14th March 2007 at 09:43 Anonymous 3919 wrote...

On the plus side they would have a Ramones song named after them.



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