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Reviewed on 16th March 2007.



By Shadows Amongst Silhouettes

Oh great... more metalcore. No please, you're spoiling us. Anyway, Shadows Amongst Silhouettes are a 5 piece post hardcore/metal band from the West Midlands, and they tick all the right boxes for acceptance into the "scene". Screams, Chugs, epic choruses and a Killswitch Engage influence. Even down to their name they're doing absolutely everything right to align themselves to the depressed and alienated, the quiet and introspective, even the hardcore jocks who love a good beatdown. The songs are alright enough in themselves, but it's the solid gold choruses that give them their marks. Choruses so catchy that, even through the grainy production, they lodge themselves in your brain, kick everything else out and refuse to leave until you call the metal police to have them removed. And yes, they get their marks just for that.



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Shadows Amongst Silhouettes

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