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Here Come the Waterworks by Big Business

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Reviewed on 17th March 2007.


Here Come the Waterworks

By Big Business

You may not have heard of these, but if I say The Melvins to you, well you may still be in the dark. When the fuzzy haired ones toured the UK at the end of last year, they were supported by Big Business, who now make up fifty percent of The Melvins with Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover (yes, there are two drummers).

'Here Comes The Waterworks' is a collection of heavy, crazy screaming and deep basslines; creating so much noise for two people. 'Just As The Day Was Dawning' is quite a poppy track, though completely inundated with heavy and distorted tones. Jared Warren's high but deep voice shouts 'Hands Up' a lot during the next track, and although 'Shields' could get your head banging, the real gem here is 'Grounds For Divorce'. Sounding a little QOTSA at first, the song progresses like an argument between spouses; with humorous nonsense vocals developing into droning at the end.

A marching drum beat from Coady Willis rallies in 'Another Fourth Of July... Ruined', and surprising for this album, the vocals are pretty quiet considering. Mayhem ensues for thrashy 'Start Your Digging' while it's time for a venture into the strangeness again for 'I'll Give You Something To Cry About', a slower affair. Finally Warrens voice must have tired out, 'cos after a long brooding intro comes instrumental 'Another Day In The Pacific Northwest' (which sounds great played in rewind and fast-forward!).

Live these guys are excellent, employing Dale Crover as touring guitar player. I personally like this album off the back of seeing them live; they are funny and the deep sounds make sense up close. Unfortunately I do not think many people outside of the loop will appreciate this offering; however if you like the stoner rock and sludge metal from Seattle, then you'll enjoy this.



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