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Think Before You Speak by Good Shoes

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Reviewed on 22nd March 2007.


Think Before You Speak

By Good Shoes

I was slightly sceptical about how I would find South London quartet Good Shoes' début album, 'Think before you speak'. Yes I have enjoyed their previous releases and found their unique stop-start indie-pop tunes easy to listen to and easy to sing along to but is that all they are good for? Would their stammering lyrics and stuttered guitar riffs become repetitive and annoying or would they help create something original making each song on their album more exciting with random outbursts making their songs less predictable? After listening to the album I am still singing along but with a positive enthusiasm that Good Shoes are here to stay.

Already boasting four released singles, 'Think before you speak' depicts the troubles, torments, loves and losses that occur in young lives today, not in an angry, angst way I must add but packaged together in happy, catchy melodies. Singer Rhys Jones questions issues such as breaking hearts, having no talent, mood swings and not finding fit enough people to pull! There's no question that this collection of songs will relate to the youth of today and there appealing melody style ensures that every single song would not sound out of place in any indie disco.

Including all popular singles such as 'All in my head' and 'Photos on my wall' the album has lots more future release possibilities, but on the other hand a couple of songs that sound all too similar to the rest of the bunch that could have been left off to leave a stronger, snappier effort.

Opening song Nazanin is the sort of the song that makes your head bob in time and your feet twitch the simplicity of the lyrics only makes it catchier. 'We are not the same' has an opening similar to a traditional Greek dance song, making me want to start kicking and flailing my legs around whilst drinking raki! 'Blue eyes' however is a romantic, slower-paced gem concentrating on the torment of wanting someone to be yours, however they manage to avoid certain clichés and speak with a sense of honesty that is refreshing to hear.

So although very easy and enjoyable to listen to the songs do have something to say in a snappy, indie-pop way that they have made their own style. Their not going to save the world with their lyrics, but their random song patterns make their songs less predictable and stand out from similar counter bands. So I sit with the tunes still bobbing about in my head waiting for the 23rd of March till they play at the Cockpit where I can dance and sing along because lets face it that's what Good Shoes' songs are best for!



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