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I Still Remember by Bloc Party

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Reviewed on 29th March 2007.


I Still Remember

By Bloc Party

Lets clear one thing up before I write this review. I love Bloc Party. I can find very few criticisms of them. Right, let us begin.

The second album from Bloc Party, 'A Weekend In The City,' has experienced mixed reviews, it's fair to say. To be honest, following up the band's fantastic debut album, 'Silent Alarm,' was always going to be a fairly tall order. I for one will readily admit to being a fan of the second album, although, of course it still doesn't quite match up to 'Silent Alarm,' as second albums rarely do. One of the criticisms levelled at 'A Weekend In The City,' is represented here by the band's second release from the new album. Critics complain that the album predominantly contains slower songs, such as 'I Still Remember'. Indeed, after listening to the album more and more, you can appreciate their concerns. However, it would be na´ve to simply expect them to release 'Silent Alarm Pt. 2'. This is one of the important features of Bloc Party - you don't see them resting on their laurels musically.

'I Still Remember,' however, doesn't really represent that image of the band so well. Yes, it's relatively less hectic than other tracks, such as 'Song For Clay (Disappear Here),' or 'Hunting For Witches,' but, to be quite honest, it's one of the more boring tracks on the album. Whereas, slower, epic, songs on 'Silent Alarm,' such as 'This Modern Love' or 'So Here We Are,' displayed a similar Coldplay sound, they were interesting as well as beautiful. This single, however, does not hold the same charms.

Nonetheless, as a radio-friendly single, it fares well enough, and guitarist Russell manages to still explore a number of guitar effects, although Matt Tong, arguably the best drummer in indie music at the moment, seems to be 'normalized,' with his frantic, electronica-style beats ditched. Kele's lyrics are poignant enough in the chorus: "And our love could have soared, Over playgrounds and rooftops, Every park bench screams your name". The single is in the highest category on Radio 1's playlist, ensuring it will be one of the most played records on national radio. But that could be part of its downfall - it's a rather forgettable song. Don't get me wrong, one of the things I love about Bloc Party is that they can write excellent indie-dance songs, and then switch to a slow ballad, but this single doesn't feel like the band are progressing. Don't let that put you off buying the album though, which us made up of a number of more interesting songs than this. This will most probably be purchased by the 'pop-pickers,' than the indie kids.



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On 29th March 2007 at 19:57 Anonymous 5801 wrote...

Well summed up Paul. I can relate to everything you wrote.


On 30th March 2007 at 00:00 Anonymous 5801 wrote...

Sorry Mark! i don't know where i got Paul from!



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