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Deadtape Promo 001 by Monomania

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Reviewed on 29th March 2007.


Deadtape Promo 001

By Monomania

Chugging bass, airy guitars, respiring vocals and climactic songs at an andante pace, presenting Monomania's recent white label 006 promo. One criticism is the uniformity of the band as a whole. Guitars sore into orbit almost goading the band to follow but there isn't a response. The songs are controlled, perhaps for the benefits of the tape.  In track one, "Matriz" emphasis is refreshingly on the bassline progressions while the guitars remain in a similar place throughout. The understating chimes perhaps would do well to be a little bolder.

The clarity of the instruments is superb. Each one is pure atonal in a spacious mix. Track two "Fin" commentates on a relationship in turmoil. Beautiful guitar arpeggios almost impersonating a piano make full use of drone tone techniques. Significant changes in gear drive through a contention filled chorus. Bass and guitar move in opposite directions working brilliantly in moving the modal feel of the song.

Track three "Closure" continues the theme only to take off in an angst driven agitation. This is the first time we hear the group unify and make headway at the same level, at the same time. The songs increase in strength with more imagination and endeavor in the melodies and riffage. Track four "Cycle Insane" develops the overdriven tones heard in "Closure" giving rocky riffs and a spell binding effect driven outro.

All four songs are radio friendly at around 3 minutes and instrumentation remains, drums, bass, guitar and vocals. "Fin" and "Closure"  are strong songs perhaps due to the introduction of backing vocals. These aiding the melody. The dynamics of the songs are wider with higher highs and deeper lows. The DeadTape Promo 001 offers four alternative rock/indie tracks, well thought out, and conscientiously put together.



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