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Paradoxon by Protokoll

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Reviewed on 31st March 2007.



By Protokoll

What the world doesn't need is a poor man's Killers. For fuck's sake, the original band is bad enough.

On second thoughts, perhaps The Killers are the poor man's Killers? Why? Well, Protokoll seem to be beating them at their own game.

On third thoughts... beating? Bollocks to that, it's an absolute devourance.

This CD is mostly brilliant. Where The Killers (last mention, honest!) end their British 80s indie influences at The Smiths and commercialised synth rape, Protokoll go that step further. It certainly works in making their music memorable, as the Julian Cope doing Chameleons 'Holy Divine' portrays.

Musically, it's a startling and pulsating piece of work, with the songs containing the energy reminiscent of early Bunnymen recordings. Single 'DNR' is a classic example, with glossy synths failing to take away the raw edge and brilliance of said track- a hard task to succeed. At times it feels like disco pop, but to label it as such would be utterly degrading to such a staggering four minutes.

Bugger Protokoll. I really wanted to write a review slating NME hyperbole. This time however, they're spot on. Okay, the CD loses track somewhat towards the end and the songs become a little long, but there's enough classics moments here to look towards an incredibly bright future. As long as they don't turn into The Bravery, that is.

'Sunken' comes too close for comfort.



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