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Nothing Vs Everything by Emmet

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Reviewed on 31st March 2007.


Nothing Vs Everything

By Emmet

It doesn't take a finger on the pulse to know that in recent times "Dance" music has been on its knees. With the modern cycle of music fashion currently favouring the skinny Indie guitar, well thought-out Dance has retreated back in to the shadows with only its clueless "4 muppets for a pound" cousin left to shout (quite literally) its corner. Perhaps the biggest insult of all is that those guitar-playing hairdos have even gone and nicked "Rave" and claimed it for their own... is nothing sacred? Well thankfully none of the above has worried Emmet in the slightest. "Nothing Vs Everything" is a testament to the fact that the spirit of mid 90's genre-border crossing Dance lives on. Emmet may not plough any furrows that have not already been well churned but they have plenty of fun and ideas along the way which are sure to satisfy. From the more dance floor orientated opener "Make The Noise" and the Prodigy-esque "True", or the baggy-techno vibe of "A little bit" to the excellent darker "Cov 1" or "Here It Goes" Emmet show they are no one-trick synth and robotic voice. Those who are not fans of the electronic beat may struggle to believe that it can have depth and soul but Emmet demonstrate a thought process that extends far beyond a simple "Get your hands in the air" outcome. This is not to say that dancefloors everywhere should not be packed with sweaty boys and girls pumping fists in the air to Emmet, but this is also music you can take home with you afterwards.



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