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Drop the Phone by Shy Child

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Reviewed on 3rd April 2007.


Drop the Phone

By Shy Child

I'd heard of Shy Child like many others, in conversations where they were name-dropped alongside hot talents like Metronomy and present kings of the realm, Klaxons. This release evidences the hype.

"Drop the Phone" begins with synths and distorted vocals like any other new rave tune, until the squelchy bass line kicks in, adding a new twist to a genre in severe danger of wearing out. The lyrics themselves are no work of genius, lines such as 'Then I just lost the signal' charting the mechanical death of a mobile phone thus signalling the end of a scenester's life. Repetition of time words like 'then' and 'when' begin to tire but lyrical analysis is not what's required here with no genius scribe at work like I said. Sound effects of phone sounds such as button pressing and the unrecognised number tone add authenticity and above all originality to a track which starts off sounding a tad too pedestrian. The classic near 100% stripping down of backing track before the catharsis of the chorus works a treat as Shy Child provide the listener with a moment of security before dropping that chorus like a fat baby on a bouncy castle. Ooh yeaaahhh... they did not just insert an electric guitar solo. New rave: prepare to be revolutionised.

The second track "Down on Yourself" starts off differently and some might say that it is the weaker track. In some ways this is true, with similar beats being used but the duo make up for this with more memorable vocals instructing the listener to 'Hold yourself in your mouth / Hold your arm bend it back all the way'. A screech and a cacophony of instrument-sounding effects see Shy Child go out with a bang. Vocals are manipulated more towards the end of the track which only makes me wish the outfit had done this earlier as Pete and Nate sort of harmonise. 'Hold yourself / Find yourself / With yourself in your mouth'. Sums it up better than me, really and it makes perfectly logical sense coming from two guys who've been snapped up by Klaxons to support them on their imminent tour.

They have been given music's equivalent of the royal seal of approval and if it's good enough for them then it's sure as hell fucking brilliant for the rest of us.



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