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Reviewed on 5th April 2007.



By The Leif Ericsson

From what I can figure the 's/t' stands for self-titled, an appropriate name for the widely anticipated debut album from The Leif Ericsson. Apart from the odd release, namely debut 7" 'Beecher' and the 2003 split with Milloy, fans have waited a long while for a full length offering from the Stoke/Manchester punks.

There are obvious influences are Snuff, mainly in the tracks 'Gottingen', 'Twelve Years In The Making' and 'Hawthorns' (which is less of a surprise when you find out that guitarist Will Farley helps out with the live Billy No Mates westside tours).

First track 'Fetch The Noose' is a quick, to the point thrash about a stalling relationship, and at well under two minutes in length it's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it job.

Many tracks take me back to the older Fat Wreak compilations and the 90's skate punk that used to grace the 911 vids, such as Bracket ('Explode Your Heart', 'Aquaplane') and the now deceased Hot Water Music ('Morecombe', 'Little Pink Socks'). Joe Maples (Pylon, Chopper, Billy No Mates) also lends his vocals to 'Safety Measures And Alcohol Limits', a to-the-point account of boozing, sat amongst the many tunes about relationships and observations from being in a band.

Mixing melodic riffs, three layers of vocals (from the gruff to the less throat-splitting), tight bass and catchy punk songs all topped of with high-pitched snare beats I expect this album to be very well received by non-fans as well as the underground troop that support the band when playing in Joe's Well and other popular venues.

All these influences infuse together to make for one cracking album and promising debut for a band that are nearing five years old. As in the well known brand of Irish booze and the famous ketchup, good things come to those who wait.



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