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All Systems a-Go-Go by Ill Ease

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Reviewed on 18th April 2007.


All Systems a-Go-Go

By Ill Ease

Long long ago-go, Leo Sayer confirmed his worth with 'One Man Band' knowing he didn't refer to anything really extraordinary, so there'll be no fuss in this review about Ill Ease's music being the work of a single performer.

If that sounds a bit world-weary it could be influenced by the vocal tone of things on the album ('Too Much Sucky', 'New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Milan', and others) de-fusing some of the instrumental attack. It's a valid form of the delivery though, and contributes to the slightly surfy 'One Hell Of A Bender', which separates the nearly Zappaesque 'The New You' from the drab 'Walking Pneumonia.'

Another thing that touched my churchwardenly sensibilities is how the mighty f-syllable is so politely asterisk-spelt in its numerous appearances on the lyric insert, thus sparing the individual reader a terror that spreads far and wide when the CD is played at the volume that suits it best.



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