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You Took a Scythe Home by Fury of the Headteachers

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Reviewed on 22nd April 2007.


You Took a Scythe Home

By Fury of the Headteachers

Fury of the Headteachers have come up with a unique style of punk music. It's hard, full of aggression and passion, but they never lose their sense of purpose.

The core of the band's sound is built around disjointed, dissonant melodies that work so well. The vocals are wild and at times barely comprehensible. I couldn't tell you what's sung on half of the album, but it's totally enthralling.

The opening track 'Fables' tells you everything you need to know about the band. The intro and verse cruise along, with guitar lines clashing over a fat fuzz bass rhythm, before breaking into a ferocious explosion for the chorus. Other album highlights are 'Lash' and the single 'Farwell Comrade'.

'Misfortune' shows a more sensitive side to the band, with a Nirvana style vocal and structure. 'Optimism' is similar, but with a great riff in the chorus and an intense finale of 'I tried to drink, it just made me thirsty' building up and up. The use of contrasting moods is striking, not only on these two songs but also throughout the album.

The best two tracks are those that finish album off. 'What Does For You Will Do Me In' has screeching guitars and feedback that will make your ears bleed. The desperate screams of 'anxiety' have an unnerving feel.

'Replicas' is a fine instrumental to wrap up the album with all the bands gimmicks on show. The break near the end of the song has a bizarre guitar and bass riff.

It does take a couple of listens to fully appreciate the style of the band and the sounds on the album. As a six piece they have a very full, obscure and busy sound. Some of the songs do sound a bit the same at first, but with time you'll find they form a great piece of work.



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