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And The Crowd Say Yee Ha Ha by LUdO

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Reviewed on 23rd April 2007.


And The Crowd Say Yee Ha Ha


This sounds interesting: "four people locked in a savage struggle to get their tiddlywinks home the fastest... sound a bit like a LUdO song..." Really? Sounds more to me like the Arsenal showers...

LUdO is an East London rock band. This mini album consists of 5 tracks that contain influences ranging from Sonic Youth to And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead to The Futureheads to name but three. 'The Ungrateful Ape' is the pick of the bunch, rather pop glossed yet slightly different, and not out of place when compared with some of the forgotten tracks from the second half of Blur's Parklife LP.

Track two points towards a heavier grunge influence with the Sonic Youth styled frantic-breakdown-frantic 'Yee Ha Ha' ripping up the structural form. It's hardly memorable however and predictably leads us on to 'Analogue', the token quiet moment, while the following 'Leaves on the Line' is a brooding, yet unspectacular Trail Of Dead influenced number. It's here when the deadpan delivery of the vocals starts to sound slightly tired, and lines such as "over and over and out" hark back to the depressive wishy-washy nature of some of Graham Coxon's earlier moments.

On to the closing 'Brenhilda Set Sail'- a marathon rather than a final fun run, conjuring up images of Portishead pissing about in the studio, trying to sound like a warped Chameleons. Tarantino will be on their case though, so the royalties could come flooding in once Pulp Fiction 2 is commissioned.

A weird one then - fair play to LUdO for trying to be experimental, but unfortunately this time it doesn't really come off. By the ninth minute of 'Brenhilda Set Sail' my eyes begin to focus on Ben Fogle pampering a pig on TV, a sign that my attention span has perhaps exceeded its limit.

Hopefully that fat Bermudan guy will come on soon. Get in.



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