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They Came from the Sun by Yourcodenameis: Milo

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Reviewed on 25th April 2007.


They Came from the Sun

By Yourcodenameis: Milo

The cover art can convey many impressions about an album. Usually they are correct, as is the case here. This is a rock / hardcore / screamo / indie with a very obvious streak of futurism and experimentation.

It's rather hard to classify this Tyneside band's sound. They're obviously rock, but also seem to incorporate various elements of screamo, metal and experimentation. There's even an element of electronica on their latest release, on 'I'm Impressed' and 'About Leaving'. The band has been described by various critics as hardcore and, early in their career, as British Emo. Certainly, the band seems to incorporate every genre of rock there is into their sound.

'They Came From the Sun' is released at the point in this band's career when they are at the crossroads. Recently dropped by label V2, they have also replaced original drummer Paul Beresford. Not quite make or break time, but nonetheless, a 'period of transition' as the band themselves describe it.

Anyway. To business. Opener 'Pacific Theatre' bursts into life with a rather Wolfmother-esque riff, but any thoughts that Yourcodenameis: Milo are reverting to retro-rock are easily dismissed by the cacophony of effects that are employed throughout this song and the album. Excellent.

The first single, however, is 'Understand' which opens with a riff sounding strikingly similar to Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'. Thankfully, though, the song develops from this and goes onto become a rather emo/indie-rock track. That's the most suitable description for it, apart from the fact that Paul Mullen sounds like he's singing through a keyboard in the Hubble Telescope.

'I'm Impressed' is a weird amalgam of electronic bleeps, jerky rock riffs, and a very creepy acoustic guitar, but has a catchy build-up of a chorus.

'About Leaving' sounds like a throwback to British electronica-dance of the 1980's, whilst 'Sixfive' is maybe a darker outtake of Incubus' 'Morning View,' but with rather more understated vocals.

Track seven, 'Translate' opens with a drumbeat that makes you wish you were sat behind a hi-hat and kick drum, but then descends into a kind of spacey-metal, and is followed by 'Take To The Floor', which sounds like the current crop of indie-punkers thrown in with a rather harder rocking ingredient.

'They Came From the Sun' has its moments, and there is no doubt that Yourcodenameis: Milo are talented and it is admirable that they are attempting to push the boundaries, but on this album you feel that there is a real lack of catchy riffs that could throw the band into the big-league of rock, although its feels that that is hardly the driving force behind the band's music. This is more music for the thinking rocker.



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