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Look At Me Now by Breed 77

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Reviewed on 1st May 2007.


Look At Me Now

By Breed 77

Frankly, I'm surprised Breed 77 still have the energy for the music business. Not because they're not any good but it has to be said they're not the greatest band to walk the planet either, despite the ridiculous amount of the overtime they put in at the office. The big surprise here though was that their trademark Gibraltar style and also their main selling-point is one of the low points of this CD, whilst the more English routes shine through marvellously.

It would seem as soon as the band drop their trademark sound they've carried for years, they're not actually that bad. I've never claimed to be the band's greatest follower, but everything I've heard previously sounded, well, boring, but on track 1 'Look At Me Now', a three minute ballad, the band show more emotion than any of their previous efforts, which goes a long way in music. 'Zombie', a cover of a Cranberries song, is where they totally shine however, with the super catchy chord structures dragging you in further and further until you just end up loving the song. It's poppy as hell, but also rocks at the same time, an amazing song to mosh to, but also a great song to sing quietly to yourself. Perfect.

The four track CD does let itself down a little with the next two songs I feel, but only because they are simply Spanish versions of previous songs which makes no sense at all to me, but then what do I know about releasing music right? To put it plainly, after hearing the first two songs the last two disappoint slightly, but at least the productions is as tight as tight goes and the band sound strong. I'd say Breed 77 are definitely worth checking out.



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