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Ashes and Ember by Tripped And Falling

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Reviewed on 4th May 2007.


Ashes and Ember

By Tripped And Falling

Tripped And Falling, who are massive in their homeland of Trinidad And Tobago re-located to London in hopes of making it big over here in 2007. They describe themselves as rock which seems a bit of a loose term when you actually listen to this two track single. In reality the band are more emo than anything, which is not a band thing. Choosing to steer their sound nearer to bands such as Thrice, Thursday and more recent Taking Back Sunday, rather than the likes of Aiden, the band seem to be in a good position to capitalise on those such bands. So there isn't anything really revolutionary here, but at least the band are safe in the knowledge that their emo is catchier and more thought provoking than any of the current drivel being over-played these days.

First track ashes and ember has all the elements; guitar hookline, occasional scream, catchy choruses, everything that made emo what it is today. Songs like these are destined to gain the band a following even if their not likely to be the new Taking Back Sunday. The important thing about this band is that they also hint at other stuff in their music. You get the feeling their holding back from writing the song they've always wanted to write.

Second track Bleed Victoria is a very enjoyable four minutes as we see a softer side of the band. Just like the first track this song had it all, catchy sing-along choruses, guitar hooklines etc... except this song definitely stands out more out of the two. It is initially hard to pin point why but I think Bleed Victoria carries loads more passion and love then the first formulaic track on offer.

So all in all, Tripped And Falling are looking to have an uphill struggle on their hands. They are a good band, their just not offering anything new, which they'll have to do so if they want to make a career for themselves in Britain.



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