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Reviewed on 10th May 2007.



By The Bishops

I've heard a lot of noise about these guys and with their self titled album, would it get louder or would it have to be drowned out?

The first track, 'Menace About Town', as an opener to an album is nothing short of a mod's wet dream. There is something very Quadrophenia about most of the tracks on the album. Now don't get me wrong, no one is a bigger mod girl at heart than me, but is the world ready or willing to accept, dare I say it, a new Jam?

No of course they're not, but it's bands like The Bishops that keep that genre of music alive and kicking, and do it very well.

This is followed by a Kinks-inspired 'Breakaway', which for me is nothing short of perfect and the harmonies between the lads is outstanding!

They then change path a little and have a more Beatles type sound and approach to some of the following tunes on here, especially 'The only Place I Can Look Is Down'.

An awe-inspiring 'I Can't Stand It Anymore' takes you right back to a Mersey beat sound which works well with the modern vocal.

For me this album is a bit of a magical mystery tour, which showcases The Bishops' talents and influences very well and takes you on a little journey through a musical history lesson if you like.

They bring it a bit more up to date and mainstream, however still keeping the clean musical lines with guitars and drums, on tracks such as 'Life In A Hole', 'Say Hello' and 'Travelling Our Way Home'.

'So High' for me is one of the best tracks on the album and the more I listen to it, the more I can imagine myself at Brighton Beach. 'Carousel', the last track, is slightly more grittier sound wise and the most contemporary than the rest that I've heard, and ends the whole thing on a very accomplished high note.

I would only really recommend that people listen to The Bishops if they are a bit of a 60's retro loving throwback like me. I would be very interested to see where they will go with their next release. However that said, they are to be highly commended for this effort. Not everyone's cup of tea as it was a bit like listening to my mate Tetley's record collection.



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