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And I値l Tell You For Why by This Town Needs Guns

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Reviewed on 14th May 2007.


And I値l Tell You For Why

By This Town Needs Guns

The term "emotive rock" is normally enough to put the willies up even the most hardened genre hopper these days, the phrase conjuring up images of whiny American oiks churning out meaningless regurgitated clap-trap. Unfortunately in recent times this stereotype has more often than not been proved true, with bands who reflect what the true pioneers of this scene were all about - think of the hauntingly powerful melodies of Sunny Day Real Estate, the weaving intricacy of Mineral - an increasingly rare breed. A rare breed that is, but not a dead one - This Town Needs Guns second single demonstrates both song-writing nous and potential in ample quantities.

Demonstrating a deft knack for incorporating chiming melodic guitar passages with measured vocal bursts, "And I Tell You Why" builds from an intimate arpeggio-led intro to a distorted, haunting climax. The daftly titled (but charming) "Wanna Come Back To My Room And Listen To Belle And Sebastian?" is a more sedately paced number, recalling at times early-Further Seems Forever via American Music Club.

A most promising offering from this Oxford-based power quintet, combining melodic savvy with precisely executed rock dynamics. Ones to keep your eyes peeled and ears open for.



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