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She's Got You High by Mumm-Ra

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Reviewed on 14th May 2007.


She's Got You High

By Mumm-Ra

This is a charming and, as it grows, surprisingly arresting single. It has to be said that it leaves me rather annoyed with myself for failing to turn up on time to the recent NME Tour show. Being first on the bill, I missed their entire set and - to add insult to injury - caught every single second of a rather lackluster Automatic performance.

Still, this isn't meant to be a live review; I'm here to tell you about the single. Jangly opening chords herald the arrival of slightly breathless vocals, earnestly attempting to persuade the titular "you" that "she" has indeed got him (or, indeed, her) high. Equally earnest harmonies, thankfully neither cloying (a la early Futureheads) or irritating (see Hot Club de Paris), manage to lend weight to the argument before the whole thing steps down a gear for a few bars. It's as if the party of the second part is being allowed time to mull over the arguments, for and against.

A climactic drum roll at around the two minute mark suggests that the jury's come to a verdict. This is followed by a joyous romp of a final minute in which we are left in no doubt that, not only do "you" agree with the prognosis, but that your entire world view has been permeated by the notion that "she" is about as fundamental to your continued existence as bread, water and a functioning CD player. Case closed; a beautiful little three minute gem.



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On 14th May 2007 at 20:37 Dave LMS wrote...

Yeah, I've been listening to the album, and it's got a few songs that catch my attention every time they come through on the iTunes shuffle.



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