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Bring It On by Goose

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Reviewed on 17th May 2007.


Bring It On

By Goose

Goose are a Live electro four piece from Belgium. Signed to Brighton-based label SKINT, Goose have become a regular name on the British Live circuit. I was looking forward to hearing "Bring It On", their debut for SKINT, having heard a lot of hype surrounding their live show.

It's very hard as a reviewer to fully judge an album when all you are given by said band's press company is a 6 minute "Exclusive mix" of most tracks off the album. Each track is given a 20-30 second clip condensed into one mix, which gives very little indication of the dynamics and flow of the album in question.

Thankfully the tracks that I had heard previously, singles - "British Mode", "Black glove" and the title track "Bring It On" - still cut through the mix as obvious standout moments.

The sleazy bass line and commanding vocals of "British Mode" pull you in and you can imagine the track working as a live favourite or future festival anthem. The catchy refrain "Give me a reason to cool you down! An explanation" is one of the catchiest moments from the album mix.

What I would say about the mix is that the album does, however sound overly bass heavy. This obviously works well in the clubs, but doesn't translate as well on home stereo systems. I feel this means that often the songs loose their impact.

It's a shame the album doesn't seem to have done Goose justice. It's a pity a band who obviously work so well live, who play all their instruments and don't rely on and sequenced backing tracks can sound so sterile and mechanical on record.

All in all I look forward to hearing future releases by Goose. I hope next time they manage to capture the true spirit of what they are about.



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