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Shutterspeed by The Reverse

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Reviewed on 21st May 2007.



By The Reverse

I was unsure what to expect from The Reverse, but pleased with what I heard. Sounding like The Boomtown Rats crossed with the good points of Morrissey and including elements from bands such as Portishead and Mogwai, this four track EP is over before you know it, leaving you wanting more. From listening to the songs I felt uplifted, and extremely thoughtful, the lyrics talk to you on a personal level. The band take music back to its roots, in terms of melodic storytelling lyrics and a combination of instruments which enhances a feeling which I'm sure will be read in various ways by different people.

It made me ask myself whether I was happy listening to the music or if it was making me feel down. Either way, the tunes break away from the mainstream humdrum of today's popular music taste. I love the title of track two. 'Some things I never said to you but thought of afterwards' recounts a number of feelings which have never been said. I'm sure the listener has been in that situation on at least one occasion and this song spoke to me. With soft guitars and uncomplicated drum beats throughout the EP, the instruments unite to provide an ideal backdrop to beautiful vocals. If you like Amusement Parks On Fire, Boards Of Canada or Explosions In The Sky, The Reverse may just be your new favourite band.

Having played gigs across the country over the years, including The Barfly and The Cavern, the band have had plenty of time to blend together their individual ideas to create The Reverse. There are no stand-out songs on this EP, as they are all superb in their own right. I see no reason why a feature length album will be on the cards in the foreseeable future. I'm sure The Reverse are about to open their arms to new fans, myself included.



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