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Stable Sessions by The Culprit

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Reviewed on 22nd May 2007.


Stable Sessions

By The Culprit

The Culprit formed in mid 2005 from the remnants of dissolved bands. The four piece band has so far released two self produced EPs and with over 17000 plays on their MySpace page, they seem to be doing right. 'The Stable Sessions' consists of three tracks.

I'm told that fans of Mudvayne, Korn and Deftones would like this band. As I thrive on a bit of metal now and again I was intrigued. The first track entitled 'Blackball', at just over three minutes long, starts with an awesome beat, followed by some screamy lyrics through to the last line of the chorus 'monkey say, monkey do'. At times I felt there were elements of Fear Factory's 'Obsolete' album sneaking through which is definitely good thing. The song is ok, not the best from this EP, but a stable (sorry!) opening to the next two tracks.

The next track I loved. It sounded like there was a guitar riff taken from a recent song I'd heard and after a lot of deliberating and re-listening, I figured out it sounded slightly like The Fratellis's 'Creepin' Up The Backstairs' at times. Not loads or in an obvious way but most likely just in my head. This track is called 'Kill Or Cure' and again I heard elements of an early Fear Factory. The drums were impressive throughout this track, as well as the vocals, sustaining notes exceptionally.

'Requiem' is the last track from the EP. By this time I was hearing a lot of 90's metal elements crawling through, but mixed with newer metal sounds created by this talented bunch. I felt there was maybe too much in this song and expected more sustenance in the vocals rather than screams, they seemed out of place. The Culprit do say though that "it can be as heavy as you like, but it's got to have a hook.' They certainly do have a hook; I was hooked and then reeled in. I often find it hard to get into a band from only a few songs, but this was not one of those cases. I thoroughly enjoyed this EP and hope to hear more of The Culprit.



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