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The Wildhearts by Wildhearts

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Reviewed on 24th May 2007.


The Wildhearts

By Wildhearts

Wow. No. Honestly. WOW!

After hearing their last major studio release '... Must Be Destroyed', most fans' hopes of The Wildhearts ever producing an album as good as 'Earth Vs. ...' were dashed. The Wildhearts had simply sold out for good. Tours with The Darkness, and songs that your Mum liked; this was a new low. This, followed by serious drug, drink and relationship problems, made any hope of them even re-uniting seem impossible.

Then, by some miracle, we have this. Dressed in white, it is The Wildhearts in their purest form. It sees them having fun, experimenting, creating some huge riffage, and, most importantly, serving us up with some massive anthemic sing-a-long choruses; everything anyone could ever want from a Wildhearts record.

Opening track 'Rooting For The Bad Guy' is an epic 9 minute belter. It takes no prisoners and thunders in with that riffage we've been pining for over the past few years; my ears heavily satisfied. Yes.

'The Sweetest Song', the first single to be released (only via download) follows. Straight in with the heavy riffs and almost embarrassing levels of swearing, one might start to think Ginger Wildheart is maybe over doing it and over-compensating for the drought. But then, out of nowhere, comes that irresistible pop chorus. It makes you tingle. Truly awesome.

'The Revolution Will Be Televised' is one of those songs that you know you've heard somewhere else, but I can't remember who it sounds like, so I'll let them off, it sounds so damned good you just have to. 'The New Flesh' is the next single, and to be accompanied by a video, and rightly so. It's a poppy effort, but political, clever and heavily addictive.

The choruses of tracks like 'The Hard Way' make you almost literally explode with pure excitement. I still grin manically and shake every time I hear this record, even after playing it countless times. A timeless "punk'n'roll" classic. How many bands nowadays, 5 minutes into a song, will introduce a totally different riff and produce endless new ideas? Most record producers would be tearing their hair out as a track bound for airplay for its catchiness runs gleefully over 6 minutes, but The Wildhearts don't care. This isn't about popularity among the masses, this is about pleasing the fans, and this album is a gem. Crammed full of tracks that boast at least 5 different riffs that could have each been used separately for different songs on their own, this album is utter genius.

'Bi- Polar Baby' and 'She's All That' are tracks that wouldn't seem out of place on '... Must Be Destroyed', but they just have that extra edge. Pop? Yes. Breath-taking? Totally.

'Destroy All Monsters' finishes where we began. It is just simply epic. Full stop.




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