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She Is The New Thing by The Horrors

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Reviewed on 30th May 2007.


She Is The New Thing

By The Horrors

"It's weird, because when we do gigs we just set out to play our songs and not annoy or wind up anyone - but we often cause loads of trouble in the process" says keyboard player Rhys 'Spider' Webb. Perhaps the $10,000 worth of damage they caused at a gig in New York shows what The Horrors are about?

After only two singles they appeared on the cover of NME and with Jarvis Cocker tipping them as the future of British rock, the band from down south have accomplished a lot since their first gig at the end of 2005. This new single taken from album 'Strange House' opens with a deliberately sluggish guitar riff juxtaposed with a variety of high notes between verses. The vocals of Faris Badwan are very storytelling to begin but are indeed complemented by a shrill whining through the chorus. He doesn't show much range here but for this song and style it doesn't seem to matter.

Haunting is a description of the song. There's a kind of 'Goth Garage' genre going on with The Horrors which feels unique, but I'm not sure whether this niche market is quite ready to be tapped yet. The song is over before you know it, seeming a little short. Maybe an extra thirty seconds or so would satisfy. When The Horrors first started out I heard they were the 'next big thing' and with Samantha Morton being in one of their videos it may seem like it, but I'm not a massive fan of what I've heard. I do believe they will have a growing following and could have success. Not a bad effort, but not brewed my way.



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On 31st May 2007 at 13:42 Anonymous 4117 wrote...

Spider Webb was the drummer (the crap drummer) in Bad News, wasn't he?



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