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Either Way by The Twang

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Reviewed on 31st May 2007.


Either Way

By The Twang

The Twang burst onto the radar after one of NME's renowned 'adopt a band' schemes and up until now I saw their relationship in the same light as I did with Channel Four and Noel Edmonds, or Pete Wentz and his ego. From the start, lets just say that their choice of name failed to get me into a state of euphoria, after a whole breed of bands incorporating 'the' somewhere in the title, they could have done a lot better than naming themselves "The Twang". Moving on to their music, their previous attempts seemed to be merely lad-rock induced stomps which lacked the charisma of the Gallaghers and the ability to epitomise drug fuelled brawls like Kasabian.

Yet their latest offering, Either Way, seems like the morning after trying to keep up with the big lads. A moment of clarity before the chiselling at the head begins; it's melodic and eerily reflective despite being wrung out and in a puddle on the floor. Cracked voices and grazed hearts seem to have enabled The Twang to reveal their more endearing side, but are those just crocodile tears? We shall just have to wait and pray.



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