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We Can Create by Maps

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Reviewed on 2nd June 2007.


We Can Create

By Maps

Sadly, I've forgetten the accepted history of the synthesizer. Did Prof. Moog descend from the mountain top to impart the mystic benefits of his new electronic musicianship? Or maybe it was Stockhausen preaching to assembled acolytes, including C3PO and members of the nascent Kraftwerk, whilst a mass of wires and circuitry hummed and fizzed in their midst. Either way, it's unlikely that the great pioneers were devoting much thought to the effects of their music revelation upon the genre of stoner rock, not least because it probably didn't exist at the time.

However James Chapman (aka Maps), in spite of using a good number of real instruments as well, has succeeded in making a hypnotic epic that has a very real feeling of having been cobbled together on his own with only modern technology to assist him. There are tracks such as 'So Low, So High' and 'Eloise' where the machinery manages very effectively to mimic the wall of guitar fuzz and harmonics requisite for an effective stoner wall of sound.

'It Will Find You' and 'Lost My Soul' both hit the spot in their tendency towards the purposefully repetitive whereas others of slower tempo, such as 'Glory Verse', conjure up a sense of the ethereal. But where this album really wins is with its mastery of the slow builder. It has its share of tracks that take their time to deliver, but are all the more rewarding for it.

Don't expect instant gratification through a single killer hook here. It's a disc in which to immerse yourself and, dare I say, one of which the founding fathers of basic electronic production would have been proud.



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