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Had Enough by The Enemy

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Reviewed on 3rd June 2007.


Had Enough

By The Enemy

With the first twelve seconds sounding like it could be the opening theme of a new American drama, (I envision a big collage of shots of good looking actors in a hospital or running from the police) The Enemy's new single 'Had Enough' is with us.

One thing I must point out is that the guitars and drums sound impressive. The mixture of and rhythm coming from the instruments is steady and of a good quality. The vocals are average, with a lot of repetition and reiteration throughout the entire song. As much as this is a negative thing, it's also positive as they are catchy and you are singing them by the closing stages. "Hey, Hey, What's the matter with your face, face" being a favourite line of mine.

Just before the two minute mark the instruments die out in classic rock fashion before building back for the end. This allows the vocals here to become chant-like. That's the point where I can see the indie clubs coming to a standstill and people shouting before everyone dances around for the last bit. It's not a very lengthy track and even with its decent solid backbone, I wanted more.

Now, "Let me say what I want". I have heard the comparisons to Oasis, but I think The Enemy will never be of that calibre. I'm not saying they aren't good, I just don't see this single backing up the statement. They are, though, bound to put the Midlands even more (and Coventry in particular) on the map.

Had enough of me talking about The Enemy? Yeah, thought so...



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